Just Platonic was first conceived in 2015 as a new way to socialize for those who are shy, suffer from social anxiety, or just weren’t into the whole group dynamic of socializing that seemed to be plaguing online communities.  It grew from there to include people who were looking to indulge a specific passion or interest and just didn’t have anyone to connect with on that level and individuals who just didn’t know where to start to meet new people, but found group settings to be overwhelming.  Just Platonic is now for everyone who is shy, socially anxious, doesn’t feel comfortable in groups, or simply wants to meet new people on an interest-based level.

Just Platonic is essentially a dating site for friends, hence the name, “Just Platonic“.  To be frank, it was built on the question of “Why aren’t there dating sites, but for friends?” and that’s how the site was ultimately designed.

Just Platonic allows you to create a personalized profile, meet and interact with people in your community and around the world.  You have the ability to search based on location, interests, activities, age, etc. You can also create groups based on age, interests, location, or anything else.  We have integrated match-making into the site, to make it easier to connect with people.  Where Just Platonic is unique is that it also includes elements of a social networking site where you can upload photos, media, etc. to personalize your experience. However, we are constantly working to improve the site and overall user experience.

We currently offer four membership options, three of which are paid subscriptions.

As a rule, Just Platonic caters to you, which means we take all feedback and suggestions seriously, whether it be critiques or just recommendations on how to improve the site, and will do everything in our power to ensure a positive user experience.


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